Tripoli Tampa Rocketry Association

When the upper stage motor lit, it immediately ejected the forward closure and the entire upper stage propellent grain was off on it's own. Amazingly, the only damage was a broken fin. The rocket was flown again the next month. 

​Original photos courtesy of Chris Nilsen

Scale Nike-Hercules, with unexpectedly realistic flight and function. ​Scratch-built, based loosely on the Launch Pad Plan-Pak version. ​Larger tubing, battery, LED, safety switch in upper stage.
​4 - Estes E12 motors in booster stage, 1 Estes E12 in sustainer stage. 
​Unexpected, but spectacular flight conclusion.

                      TOM'S ROCKET GEAR

Tom's Rocket Gear is in the process of closing up completely. Tom has been a supporter of TTRA and many other rocket clubs for many years. All remaining merchandise is at reduced prices. If anyone would like to take over, and become a rocketry vendor, see Tom at one of our next launch events, or contact him at


Everyone planning to attend a TTRA launch needs to read over the updated 
rules and policies. After reading them, you must acknowledge that you have done so. This includes all fliers, vendors, and spectators.

If you are new to TTRA, or have not attended a launch recently, please contact one of our officers for directions. 

           September 17 Launch Cancelled

 Due to the above average rainfall the last week or so, the launch field is currently under about 3 inches of water. The landowner is concerned about people getting their vehicle(s) stuck in the mud, as well as leaving deep ruts in the field.

Focus on the 2-day launch next month, bring out your best birds and let them fly! 

                     !!! IMPORTANT NOTICE !!! 
The outhouse has moved to the southern area of the field. The move was required due to the fact that the property where it stood has been sold. Everything east of where we now launch was sold to a strawberry farming group. We are not permitted to enter the property to recover rockets. If we put a rocket into that area, we have to contact the new owners, and they will come out and escort the rocket owner to recover it. After several emails, telephone calls, and a meeting with the new owners in person, they will not permit us unescorted access to the property. It will be an inconvenience, but we will honor their request. 
                                       NO EXCEPTIONS. 

2022 Launch Schedule

Launch Site Volunteers

We need members to set up and help out. The same 6 or 8 members keep showing up early and staying late to perform all the setup and takedown each month.

We have a dedicated member who performs as LCO each month, but we need a standby LCO to fill in as needed during the day in order to give him a break. 
We need L-2/3 members to serve in the RSO/Check-in function. With all the L-2 and L-3 members we have, only 2 volunteered for the June launch. The RSO duty is set up in 2-hour blocks, and everyone seems to think that someone else will take over. This is unfair to the few volunteers we have, so starting in July, if we do not have a volunteer in the RSO position at a given time, we will stop all launch operations until someone comes up to help out. We will no longer just keep launching with the same individual serving another shift. If we have to sit around for 2 or more hours without launching, then that is what we will do.

See the
Volunteers page for more information.

We have a brand new "out house" facility, thanks to the hard work of Rick, Dan, Jim, Dakota, and a few others.

It features an actual, working toilet with a water supply. 

Please help us keep it clean and in good shape.

We have a problem with member email addresses. The last couple of times we have tried to send out notices to members, a lot of them came back as un-deliverable. At the next launch event, all members need to see Mike Nipper and verify that their contact information is correct.

​Welcome to the TTRA website.  You will find information about our rocket launch activities and how to join us. If you need or want more information, just contact one of the members listed on the contacts page. 

Memberships expired at the end of December, 2021. 
Renewal is required, and may be completed on the field.

                       All waivers will need to be re-accomplished at this time.


January​ 15 


February 19Complete
March 19-20Complete
April 16Complete
May 21Complete
June 18Complete
July 16No Launch
August 20 

Bowling !!

September 17 Cancelled
October 15-16Green
November 19Green
December 17Green