Tampa Bay Rocketry Association

​We currently have a very dedicated core of volunteers that show up each month and spend their time ensuring that everyone else has a safe and enjoyable day on the field. But we need more volunteers to allow these core people the opportunity to actually enjoy some time launching their own rockets.


TBRA launches are conducted entirely by volunteers. Without volunteers to setup and take down equipment, serve in Range Safety, Launch Control, and other positions, we would be unable to launch rockets.    

Setup and Takedown: These people show up early and/or stay late.

The setup crew comes out to the field early and sets up all the launch equipment, pads, speakers, PA system, and launch tent.  

The takedown crew stays after the launch and takes down all the equipment and re-packs it in the equipment trailer in a neat and orderly way. 

Both setup and takedown require someone with a vehicle equipped with a hitch ball in order to hook up and move the equipment and launch tower trailers around the field.

Range Safety Officer (RSO)

Tripoli requires that a Level-2 certified individual be appointed as RSO and be on-site during the launch. Since all TBRA launch events are also Research launches, a NAR certified individual is unable to serve in this position as NAR does not have an experimental or research program, unless that individual is also a certified Tripoli member.

The RSO may delegate safety-related decisions to other individuals with the experience and knowledge to act within that authority. These individuals carry the same authority as the RSO, and their decisions may not be challenged on the field. The RSO may overrule their decision only if the original decision is determined to be unsafe. 

Safety Check Officer

​This individual ensures that all rockets are safe to fly prior to launch. This function may be performed by the RSO, or delegated to another individual certified Level-2 or higher. The Safety Check Officer examines each rocket, and determines if it is constructed to be stable for flight, and if the rocket/motor combination are safe, as well as reviewing the flight data card to ensure it is completed correctly. This individual has final authority to deny any rocket for flight, if in their judgement it is not flight worthy, violates any safety codes or launch site rules, or poses a possible safety risk. 

Launch Control Officer(LCO): Operates the launch control system and makes the launch announcements over the PA system. Arranges and reviews the flight data cards, noting any "Heads Up" or certification flights. Should be certified high power level 1 or higher.