The landowner has given us approval for a night launch during Buc Blast. We have specific procedures to follow, but these should not be a problem.

Night Launch

Night Launch will take place on the evening of Saturday, October 19th, 2019. 

Pre-registration for night launch is required, both for participants and spectators.

​All participants and spectators must be on the field by 6:30 pm. Absolutely no entry to the field will be permitted after dark.

​Launches will begin between 7:15 and 7:30pm, and will conclude by approximately 8:45pm. No rockets will be launched after 9:00pm.

​All participants and spectators will remain on the field until night-launch operations are complete. At the conclusion of night-launch operations, all persons leaving the field will do so as a group, and will be escorted by a TTRA member. This person is responsible for securing the gate, and notifying the landowner.

​All rockets must be equipped with an externally visible light source during descent and recovery. This may be a chemical light-stick attached to the shock cord, secured in a clear payload section, or battery operated LED lights. Chemical light sticks taped to the rocket body will not be permitted.

​All flights will be restricted to 4,000 feet AGL and below. All motors will be restricted to commercial "G" impulse or lower. High Power flights, and research motors are not permitted. Rockets and motors will be verified by the Prefect, RSO, and/or LSO prior to launch.

​Any rocket that suffers a lighting malfunction, and is not visible during recovery, will be left on the field until the next day. Any rocket that lands in a tree, water, or outside the launch area will be left on the field until the next day.

​No one will be permitted to traverse the property to search for a lost rocket. Personal vehicles will not be used to recover a rocket. Rockets will be recovered by walking, or by a single ATV provided by a TTRA member. 

Tripoli Tampa Rocketry Association