Tampa Bay Rocketry Association

​​TBRA reserves the right to cancel a scheduled launch without notice if the KDBI Drought Index rises to 600 or more. If the index is above 400, Sparky motors will NOT be permitted.

Hillsborough County ​Current Drought Index: 587 

Hillsborough County Current Fire Danger Index: 1 - Low

Current Drought Index Map

Current Fire Danger Index Map 

​TBRA conducts launch activities the 3rd Saturday of each month, near Plant City, Florida. Our site is within a working cattle ranch, and we are guests on the property. We must ensure that we conduct ourselves accordingly.

All launch events are conducted as Tripoli Research Launches, and follow Tripoli procedures and safety codes.

All flyers over the age of eighteen (18) must be a member of the Tripoli Rocketry Association and/or the National Association of Rocketry.