Tampa Bay Rocketry Association

Join Us!

You may join us by mail, or at our next launch. We charge an annual membership fee, which allows us to cover club expenses, such as our Tripoli fees, and also provides us the ability to maintain and expand our launch site equipment.

​In addition, we also charge a $15.00 daily launch fee, which primarily covers our landowner fees.

Newcomers are permitted to fly for 2 months without joining TTRA, although the daily range fees apply. After 2 months, all flyers must become a member of TTRA. In addition, adult flyers are required to join either the Tripoli Rocketry Association (TRA), or the the National Association of Rocketry (NAR).

​Annual membership runs from January thru December, and the annual fees are $40.00 per adult, or $50.00 per family. Membership fees are pro-rated for those joining later in the year. We do not charge a membership fee for minors if they are the only flier(s) in the family.

New Member Fees:           Member Only                Family

 January - March               $40.00                         $50.00
 April - June                       $30.00                         $40.00

July - September               $20.00                         $30.00
 October - December         $40.00                         $50.00

New members joining after October do not expire until December 31 of the following year. This provision applies to new members only.                           

​The TTRA membership packet can be downloaded by clicking the button on the left, and then returned by mail or at the next launch. The forms are in Microsoft Word format.

We are working on an online payment system thru Paypal, but until that time, those wishing to join are encouraged to complete the application ahead of time, either by downloading the paper application and bringing to the field, or thru the online application. Payment can then be made on the field at the next launch. It is a lot easier than trying to complete multiple forms on the field, in the breeze, and with several other people attempting the same thing.