Tampa Bay Rocketry Association

Length: 26.0"
Diameter: 0.98"
Recommended Motors: A-8,B-4, B-6, C-6
​$14.99 value

75mm 4-grain White Lightning RMS-Plus
75/5120 Motor
​$279.99 value
​Must be certified L-3

* Aerotech M1297W-P High Power Reload 

This is a sampling of the prizes for this years Buccaneer Blast raffle.

                   This is not a complete list, just some of the items. 
Prizes marked with a
* can only be awarded to persons 18 years of age or older, and High Power Certified Level 1 or higher. Valid proof of age and/or certification may be required. Alternate prizes will be awarded to minors and non-certified adults.

​Estes Rockets Power Patrol 
Almost Ready to Fly Kit

24" Quarter Spherical High Power Drogue Parachute
​No Tangle Design
​$39.99 value

Length: 16.75"
Diameter: 1.0"
​Realistic Jet Fighter Appearance
Recommended Motors: A-8,B-4, B-6, C-6
​$20.95 value

​Estes Rockets Skywriter Rocket Kit 

Length: 29.25"
Diameter: 2.26"
Weight: 24 oz
MMT: 29mm
Recommended Motors: F thru H
​$50.55 value

Giant Leap TAC-9 High Power Parachute

* Aerotech L1170FJ-P High Power Reload 

Giant Leap TAC-1 High Power Parachute

36" Spherical High Power Parachute
​No Tangle Design
​$55.67 value

Many Other Great Prizes not Pictured

75mm 4-grain Black Max RMS-Plus
75/5120 Motor
​$279.99 value
Must be certified L-2 or L-3

Chili's or Olive Garden Gift Certificate

Length: 20.5"
Diameter: 0.98"
​Almost Ready to Fly
Recommended Motors: B-4, B-6, C-6
​ ​$18.95 value

5' Diameter Military Surplus Parachute

Valid at Chili's and/or Olive Garden Restaurant

$25.00 value

LOC Precision L'il Nuke
Mid Power Rocket Kit

​Estes Rockets Screaming Eagle Rocket Kit 

5' Diameter Orange Nylon
​All lines attached
​With deployment storage bag